These are the details filled by the company. If you want further details or want to contact them for Business deals and information contact mentioning the REACH-OUT CODE in the subject

 Message Posted by    Mr. Harveer Sahni
Address    9/2 East Patel Nagar,
New Delhi-110008.


Company Name    Weldon Celloplast Limited
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Website -

Our company are the manufacturers of Self Adhesive Labelstocks, Silicone release papers, Self Adhesive transfer tapes and other specialty tapes.
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Managing Director.

Mr. Pawandeep Sahni the Director Operations of Weldon I.T. says that our company's I.T. Department is running  a b2b portal of the self adhesive industry.
Portal address :

For more information Contact mentioning the REACH-OUT CODE : RO-7 as the Subject

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