1. Reels or Sheets are sold by weight.
2. Ream weight is based on nominal weight. It also includes the weight of Wrapper.
3. The reel weight is based on actual weight. It includes the weight of reel core, core plug, side wrapper, 
    corner protectors, wrapper and strings.

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The chargeable weight shall include weight of necessary Ream and Reel Wrappers (not bale wrappers) string and centers in case of reels, cores, side discs of wrappers, corner/board.

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Average in substance in a ream shall not exceed 5% either way.

GROUP 'A' : Nominal weight of the sheet shall be chargeable, if actual weight exceeds or is not more than 
2 1/2 % under nominal weight. Actual weight shall be chargeable if more than 2 1/2 % under nominal weight.

GROUP 'B' : Actual weight of the sheets and reels shall be chargeable upto 2 1/2 % in excess of nominal.

GROUP 'C' : Actual weight of Sheets and Reels shall be chargeable provided average variation does not exceed 5% either way.


SUBSTANCE : Basis weight may be tested as per IS:1060 Part-I 
"weight of a given specimen of Paper in grams per square meter under atmospheric condition of R.H. 65 (+-) 2% and temperature 27 (+-) 2 degree C."

To find out the tolerance in substance, random samples in minimum size of 25*25 cms. shall be taken. These samples are conditioned for the period minimum of 4 hrs. for common verities of paper and for hard-sized conditioned time may be raised to 24 hrs. These samples are weighted on calibrated weighing scale. The G.S.M. may be calculated.


Short Yardage : Claims for yardage can only be based upon result obtained from yard measurement.
Measurement Variation : The variation in measurement of Paper in sheets must not exceed 0.5% either way above or below the ordered measurement, where 0.5% is less than 3 mm the maximum tolerance shall be (+-)3mm and where 0.5% exceeds 5mm the maximum possible tolerance shall be (+-) 5mm.

Width of the reels shall not vary more than 0.5% with the maximum tolerance of (+-)5 mm.

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For making pf group 'A', 'B', and 'C' of special size, substance, tint, water mark etc. an order shall be deemed to be properly fulfilled if the quantity supplied is with in the following limits either way of quantity ordered.

1 TONNES or LESS  - 15%
Above 5 TONNES  - 5%

Any excess beyond such limits shall be cut down to nearest standard sizes and taken by the buyer.

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Unless it is otherwise expressly stipulated in the order, the Paper maker shall be free to use his discretion in selection of materials.

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1. Claims on any ground, whatever must be made in writing with in 14 days of receipt of goods. But this is not to operate in cases where any defect is not revealed by normal examination of the outturn sheets or by reasonable examination of the paper on arrival.

2. Further, if defect is found, claim must be lodged in writing with in six weeks from date of receipt of goods. In all  such cases, the consignment must be kept intact and, made available for inspection by the seller.

3. If an order is executed in successive lots of delivery, each delivery shall be treated as a separate contract and claims or disputes about one delivery shall not apply to the balance of the contract.




The general and other clauses mutatis mutandis of the Paper Trade Customs shall also apply to primary and writing.

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