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Nanping PM 5 (NPCPM5) - Fastest Paper Machine in Asia

Nanping Paper Company was the first to start up a complete new OptiConcept newsprint line at their mill in the Fujian province in China. The start-up was on December 17, 1999.

The Metso delivery included all equipment to the new paper plant No. 3 with a dimensional production of 180,000 tons of high quality newsprint. NPC proved that the paper was not only invented in China, but also the mills there can to day be among the best in the world.

NPC produced 151,000 net tons during their first year of production with PM 5, which has a max. width of 5,600 mm on the reel. The proof of their high standard of operation was their Asian 24h speed record of 1601 m/min. This top speed was achieved on December 1, 2000.

Since then the operational routines have improved and the speed record in March 2001 was raised to 1650 m/min. The monthly production in 2001 has been 15,000 tons.


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