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COMPACT PRESS M- Kvaerner Pulping’s new washing equipment combines new technology and well-proven components resulting in unique washing features.

After more than three years of development work in close co-operation with the Billerud Gruvon Pulp Mill in Sweden, utilizing Kvaerner Pulping’s extensive machine and systems experience, in combination with our new advanced software, and numerous trials in our testcentre, Kvaerner Pulping has now released this unique washing equipment, the COMPACT PRESS™ to the Pulping industry.

The new COMPACT PRESS™ covers capacities between 500 and 3000 TPD, securing singleline solutions for small and large fiberline projects. It is also designed for a wide range of inlet consistencies.

The COMPACT PRESS™ provides high loading (tons/m2) thanks to the unique compact design making it an excellent choice for retrofits. A goal in the development work has been to develop the best washing equipment in the market while achieving high runnability and minimum maintenance.

The first mill size unit has been operating since May 2000, at Billerud the former Stora Enso Mill, Gruvon. The COMPACT PRESS™ has proved itself able to handle big variations in inlet consistency without sacrificing runnability. It has worked from normal capacity down to 35% without any perceived problems. The result from mill installation shows high washing efficiency and high outgoing consistency for the machine.

One more recently started up in Sweden. Three more presses are on order from Kvaerner Pulping - two in Brazil, one in Japan and options for two more in Sweden.
COMPACT PRESS™ - developed with modem tools in close co-operation with our customers. Designed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

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