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Brady Signmark introduces its range of Safety and Industrial marking 
solutions to Finland, through SareskoskiOy.

Showing at Pulp and Paper for the first time in Finland, Brady Signmark (a division of the Brady Corporation) will be displaying its comprehensive range of safety devices, industrial marking and specialist printing systems.

New to Finland are Brady’s own innovative and industrial quality Pipe Marking solutions. The Brady Pipe Markers are a unique, high quality solution completely current with European Legislations. The Pipe Markers are manufactured in roll form or on individual cards, and are constructed from a high quality polyester. Where high temperatures, aggressive chemicals or stainless steel are involved, the Brady pipe marker is uniquely suited. Traditional vinyl solutions have a high temperature limitation plus they are prone to some shrinkage - leaving an area of exposed adhesive to collect bacteria and foreign particles. In addition to this Vinyl is also unacceptable for applications to Stainless Steel, where the vinyl can actually attack and damage the stainless coating.

Also on display is the new Brady Powermark System. The Powermark is a new generation of in-house, multi colour sign and label printers, designed for environments needing safety marking and identification immediately. The Powermark is a robust, desk top thermal system that will produce all required industrial marking including signs, labels, pipe markers, store labels and general notices in-house, in-colour and in minutes!

In partnership with the Powermark, on show will also be the innovative HandiMark system - a hand held and portable label printer that is in keeping with Safety Labelling on the move. TheHandimark has a complete range of industrial symbols built in, bar codes, pipe markers and a large variety of colours and materials to suit all environments. Safety in the working environment is also a major concern of Brady Signmark, and for European Industry as a whole, and a comprehensive range of special safety devices to ensure total safety from accidents will be on display. Commonly known as ‘Lock Out Tag Out’, the range of specialist mechanical and electrical locking systems and visual warnings allows all maintenance and servicing of dangerous equipment to be undertaken with complete peace of mind. Advice and instruction in the effective use of this vital ‘Lock Out Tag Out’ programme is available from Brady Signmark’s agent in Finland - Sareskoski Oy. Completing the product offering will be the extensive range of printing systems, signs, logistics labelling, store marking and custom manufacturing that comprises the foil Brady Signmark’catalogue.

On the Sareskoski Oy stand will also be representaives from Brady Signmark agents in Norway and Sweden, allowing us to give the broadest range of information and advice to the majority,of visitors from the Scandinavian Industries. In addition to this, experts from Brady’s European Head Quarters will also be available to offer detailed explainations, and to attend to any International visitors who may have requirements outside of Scandinavia.

The Brady Corporation is a global expert in all areas of safety and industrial marking systems, and with over 100 years in the business and a large European Head Office and manufacturing plant in Belgium -it is a well qualified and efficient supplier to the Pulp and Paper Industry. Our business credo is always to work with the best distribution, to deliver the best quality products and to offer only the best advice that is fUlly up to date with current European Legislation

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