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The Success of the REDS SYSTEM  in the Tissue World
That’s why the REDS SYSTEM has been chosen by the leading European Tissue Manufacturers

The advantages of the REDS SYSTEM have enabled Pulsar to supply 22 Conveying systems in just 2 years to some of the main Tissue Manufacturers in Europe.

In 1998 Pulsar engineered and manufactured the R.E.D.S. Divider (Rolls Exchange Divider System) with the support of the technicians of a leading Italian Tissue Manufacturer. The R.E.D.S. Divider introduces important innovations in this industry both for its dimensions and for its position in the line.

Starting from the experience gained with the R.E.D.S. Divider, Pulsar has pursued another simple, yet ambitious goal: to control and manage the entire converting line from one single control unit, thus integrating the processing machines with the conveying system. This goal has a name: the REDS SYSTEM, delivered for the first time in 1999.


The Traditional Systems
The Problems
  • The old dividers need a very high speed of the conveyors, 60 meters/min., which is 3 times higher than the linear cutting speed of the logsaw.
  • The rolls are spaced out and this increases the risk of roll overturning
  • The traditional dividers stop the rolls with mechanical pincers, often causing damage to the rolls.
  • There’s the need for a 5-meter long conveyor upstream to accumulate the rolls
  • The total length of the line is of at least 14 meters but it can even be 20 meters and more
The Consequences
  • Many machine stops caused by roll overturning
  • Damage to the rolls
  • Long length of the line (even 20 meters between the logsaw and the divider)

The R.E.D.S. divider
The solution
  • R.E.D.S. is a smart divider for bathroom and kitchen rolls.
  • The R.E.D.S. divider is placed close to the logsaw in order to guarantee the continuous exchange of the rolls, without stops, at a constant speed of 25m/min which is the highest cutting speed of the logsaw.
  • The R.E.D.S. divider allows the continuous roll exchange on even paired off channels 2/3, 2/4, 4/6, 4/8, 4/12 and on odd paired off channels 3/4, 3/6, 3/8 , both vertically and horizontally.
  • The REDS divider is only 2,5 m. long; necessary space between the logsaw and the divider: 10,5 meter.
The advantages of the R.E.D.S. divider
  • Considerable reduction in roll overturning..
  • Higher quality of the rolls.
  • Less stress on the machines and on the conveyors: the life of the system and of the conveyors is 3 times longer (with the same production rates).
  • Less floor space required by the line (at least 30% less)
REDS SYSTEM: the line management system
The converting line can be managed and controlled in an integrated way through the REDS SYSTEM even if the line is not equipped with a R.E.D.S. divider.

With the REDS SYSTEM it is possible to obtain the electronic and mechanical synchronisation of the machines of the line (log-storage, wrapper, bundler, palletizer) with the conveying system. The main advantage resulting from this synchronisation is that, in case of machine stops, the REDS SYSTEM changes "just in time" and in an automatic way, the speed of the other machines, thus granting the line maximum productivity in any case.
The management and control system of the REDS SYSTEM
  • Management of different product types
  • Production planning
  • Database of the characteristics of the individual machines
  • Machine remote control
  • Optimisation of the individual machine production speeds
  • Production event control
  • Data collection from the machines (production records, emergencies, machine stops)
  • PLC / PC connecting software
  • On –line assistance
The advantages of the REDS SYSTEM
  • Increased line productivity
  • One single control and data display point: integration among the different PLCs of the converting/wrapping machines through customised software programmes.
  • Considerable reduction in roll overturning
  • Higher quality of the rolls
  • Management costs reduction
  • Substantial reduction in the line ordinary and extraordinary maintenance


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