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The Fabric of Excellence - Avinash Kumar Tiwari


While answering the question on advantage of Voith's name over other competitors, Mr Tiwari says, "we have not made use of Voith's name very actively, because as such Porritts name and Porritts logo is very well recognised and very well established as a brand equity in India and suddenly to do away with that brands will be retrograde steps which Voith recognises and they allow us to continue with Porritts & Spencer’s name and logo for the time being, but slowly and in a phased manner we have started educating our customer that we are part of Voith and over a period of time there will be a transition when we will switch over from Porritts & Spencer’s name and logo to the world’s no 1 logo that is 'VOITh', but elsewhere abroad definitely using Voith’s name has been an advantage to us" particularly in our exports to nearby Asian countries

While expressing happiness over the current performance of PSA, Mr Tiwari says, "while the paper industry has been growing around 5 to 6% annually, P&SA has been recently grown 14 to 15% in sales.

While refusing to accept the acquisition of PSA by Voith might have tilted the customers in his favour, Mr Tiwari is emphatic in his assertion that the team based work and the confidence of the well experienced and motivated team played a major role in improving the performance compared to the earlier years.

In terms of profit, Mr Tiwari says PSA improved its earlier figures by about 30%. All the press felts and driers together enjoyed the market share of 60 to 65% which was prior to the taking over of PSA by Voith. Balance acount for imports & other indigenous sources. The PSA entered into the forming fabric business recently and are gradually gaining grounds.


While speaking on the quality, Mr Tiwari says that it has made fabrics for many high speed machines in India which used to be imported earlier. This, he says, is an indication of the technological improvement undertaken by the motivated technical team of P&SA, and continous R&D efforts.

While listing out the road map for growth in the next five years, Mr Tiwari was optimistic that PSA would strive to reach a turnover of Rs 1000 millions (US$ 21.27 millions) from the present level of around Rs 430 millions (US$9.15 millions) The exports of PSA is Rs 30 millions, now which is to go up in the coming years, where the brand equity of Voith would be an added advantage.

In reply to a quastion of strategy for growth, Mr Tiwari says."We are growing confidently and we can keep expanding within our facility by way of adding equipment and improving the output of the equipment. We have enough land and resources and will to expand our market internally and externally. We have a dedecated team striving to fulfill our dream to be the best in this part of the world."

In the present era of globalization, one has to move beyond the geographical boundaries to excel oneself in a chosen area of activity for sustainable growth, asserts Mr Avinash Kumar Tiwari, CEO of PSA, a member of Voith Group.




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