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October-December' 2001



Coldwater Group Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia USA announce two new installations
 The People’s Republic of China


Guangzhou Paper Ltd. of Guangzhou PRC will become the first paper mill in the world to manufacture its own polyurethane roll covers. Guangzhou will start-up a Coldwater Roll Covering System (CRCS) in early 2002 according to Coldwater Group President, David Withers. "Guangzhou Paper will become the first paper mill in the world to manufacture their own polyurethane roll covers. 

The covers produced will be of a much higher quality than those currently available in rubber, and Guangzhou will also offer these covers to other paper mills in the region. The CRCS is compact and easy to use and we expect other large paper mills to consider the bene-fits of covering their own rolls at the mill site." Guangzhou already has an extensive roll repair and grinding facility providing roll services for their own paper machines and to other machines in southern China.

 DeQing Rubber Roll Co. Ltd, of Mogashan in Zhejiang Province about two hours west of Shanghai will also be installing a Coldwater Roll Covering System to supplement their rubber covering capabilities for the mills in central China. DeQing has been manufacturing rubber roll covers for over 50 years, but recently expanded their capabilities to handle the larger rolls in the paper industry. Heavy cranes, a dynamic balancer, a roll grinder, and a new rubber extruder are all being installed in a new workshop dedicated to paper industry roll covering in addition to the CRCS. "DeQing is perfectly positioned to offer polyurethane roll covers to the many large and modern paper machines in the Shanghai area. We are very happy to have a company with such a long and suc-cessful record in rubber roll covering add our technology", said Withers. DeQing also expects to start-up their Coldwater equipment in early 2002




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