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Machine Lubrication system improved by redesigned reservoir


The advanced round reservoir design of the new John Crane Safematic Flowline Oil Circulation lubrication system increases reliability and productivity over conventional systems in lubricating machine components, especially in high temperature applications and where contaminants must be eliminated from the oil.

Traditional square tank reservoir systems often keep less than half of the oil circulating effectively and, due to the channelling effect, retention times are typically as short as under l0min, which is not long enough to remove impurities.

The closely spaced plates return oil flowing from the centre to the sides of the tank, with water drops in the oil having only a few inches to sink before meeting the next plate. They collect to the comer point and through a drain channel to the tank bottom in just a few minutes. In the same way, the plates separate air bubbles upward.

The Flowline tank is less than half the size of traditional tanks yet significantly improves the ratio of oil used in the system, while also eliminating air and water bubbles to protect the oil and improve lubrication.

A 3000 litre Flowline reservoir reportedly has greater retention time than a conventional 6000 litre system, and development research is said to have shown that upfront oil filling and handling cost-savings of at least $100,000 could be made by using a new 6000 litre round system rather than a comparative 18000 litre conventional unit. 

Five International Awards for the N-pump

ITT Flygt’s N-pump was awarded its fifth award within the space of a year at Europe’s largest environmental trade fair in Amsterdam.
Aquatech Amsterdam 2000, with over 740 companies exhibiting, is Europe’s largest environmental trade fair. Held in the picturesque Dutch capitol, the focus was on integrated water management, and the way in which the borders between management of drinking water, wastewater and industrial water are fading, resulting in companies and organisations looking for total solutions that cross these sectors.

The International Aquatech Innovation Award was open to all the companies participating in the trade fair, and a total of 53 took part. The award was presented to the company with the most innovative product or service in wastewater technology or water management. It was judged by professionals from both the private and the public sector, on the basis of seven different criteria.

Five products were nominated to the final, these included a new solution for water disinfection without adding chemicals or using radiation, a complete mini water treatment plant which eliminates legionella, a service valve with two new innovations for tapping and shutting off, and a water barrier which can transform existing types of mobile barriers into mobile dykes.However, the jury unanimously voted for the fifth nomination, ITT Flygt’s N-pump, as "it is cleverly thought out and ready for the market, and has already proved itself. It is a mature professional product." The N-pump received the highest average score on each of the criteria.

The N-pump won a total of five awards in the space of a year. The first, when it was named the Pump of the Year at the Processing Pumps and Systems Award ceremony, sponsored by the British Pump Manufacturers Association. The second was the IWEX Innovation Award, sponsored by Turret Rai. The third award was received in Poland at the Poleko International Environmental Fair, for the foremost improvement for protecting the environment and the fourth at the VODKa Water and Sewage Fair, in the Czech Republic.

The seven criteria for the award:

  • innovative character

  • contribution to environmental management

  • value added to sustainability and water chain management

  • clear vision of water technology and water management

  • identifiable markets/market segments

  • practical and international applicability

  • integration of the drinking, processing and wastewater sectors



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