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The AHLSTAR Pumping Concept



The AHLSTARô Pumping Concepts are specially designed for the pulp and paper industry applications. The Stock Pumping Concept means that the AHLSTARô process pumps will pump paper stock like water with the tailor made hydraulics. Almost to all applications suitable stock or process pumps can be selected from this series to the pulp and paper mills.

The Shaft Seal Concept, including the maintenance- and leak-free dynamic seal, results in the lowest total costs, when sealing liquids in PPI. Furthermore, they do not require any external sealing liquid, which simplifies the operation of the pumps. The use of these seals eliminates the problem associated with mechanical seals (dry running, occasional or continuous leakage) during the start-up of a mill or department.

The 3rd concept Pumping Concept for Pumping Air/Gas Containing Liquids solve the pumping problems like unstable and fluctuating flow and/or pressure caused by entrained air or gas in the stocks and other pumped liquid. Now the concept with these "air removal pumps" has been expanded. There are AHLSTARô non-clogging and wear resistant pumps be used in the most difficult applications where are plenty of impurities or abrasive particles.




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