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A Mega Show


Inaugural Function seen on the dias L to R Mr. M L Wadhwa, Tafcon, Mr. Raji Philip, CMD, HPCL, Mr. Parmod Jain, President, IARPMA, Hari Shankar Singhania, Chairman, J K Corp., Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Power, Govt. of India, Dr. Raman Singh, Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Mr. S. Jagadeesan, Jt. Sec. Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Mr. N. Gopalaratnam, CMD, Seshasayee Paper & Mr. Jaideep Chitlangia, Vice President, IARPMA

The 5th international trade fair and conference, Paperex 2001 organised by Inpaper International and Tafcon attracted a large number of business and general visitors from different parts of the world. The business generated during the fair was also higher than the value that was achieved in the last Paperex. According to Mr Parmod Jain, Vice Chairman of the Steering Committee of  Paperex, there has been an overwhelming response from the industry and technocrats, which can be seen from the fact that there were a large number of participants both in the exhibition and conference. A number of world renowned technical experts presented their views and shared their experiences  with the pulp and paper industry personnel in the South Asian countries. Paperex 2001 was Sponsored by Indian Paper Industry Associations & Co-Sponsored by Ministry of Industry, Govt. of India, TAPPI, United Nations Environment Programme, Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute, India,   Institute of Paper Science and Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Inauguration of the exhibition seen in the photo L to R Mr. Hari Shankar Singhania, Chairman J K Corp., Dr. Raman Singh, Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Mr. S. Jagadeesan, Jt. Sec. Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Mr. Parmod Jain, President, IARPMA and Mr. M L Wadhwa, Tafcon watching the ceremony

The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Power, Govt of India and presided over by Dr Raman Singh, Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Mr Prabhu had to go immediately after delivering his speech to another important government meeting.  In his inaugural address, Mr Prabhu emphasised the need for energy conservation in the pulp and paper industry in India and exhorted the industry to be competitive in the international markets. He said that, Indian industry has to go a long way to achieve the international norms in energy conservation in the field of pulp and paper industry. He said that the world is becoming one with no trade barriers and boundaries and therefore, the units would be able to compete internationally only if quality products are made available at competitive rates. The consumer will have a wider choice in the new emerging markets and the Indian industry must ensure that quality products are produced at competitive rates not only for domestic markets but also internationally. Mr Prabhu, further stressed that India is embarking upon a major investment plan in the power sector to meet the growing power requirements of the country and informed that the rules and acts are being amended to allow entry of private sectors into this segment.

In his  presidential address, Dr Raman Singh mentioned that the Indian industry faces major problems of shortage of raw materials, higher cost of inputs, technological obsolences, higher cost of manufacture and uneconomic sizes. These deficiencies have contributed for low per capita consumption of paper in India which is only 5Kg as against the world average 50Kg.

Glimpses of exhibition

While reacting to the submission made by Mr Hari Shankar Singhania, the Key Note speaker as well as Mr N. Gopalaratnam, Vice-President of Indian Paper Manufacturers Association, Dr Raman Singh mentioned that the demand for paper is expected to rise substantially in the coming years and in certain varieties, it could be more than the domestic capacity. The industry, therefore, should gear up to meet the challenges of the future not only to meet the quantity requirements but also the quality parameters. He said that the Govt of India is prepared to provide all assistance and resources to modernise the paper industry and urged the industry to adopt the modern technologies to be competitive in the international field. While stressing upon the need for technology upgradation, the Minister said, that world over the paper mills used less quantity of chemicals, water, energy and fiber, compared to the Indian industry, which has been possible due to adoption of modern technologies. He urged the Indian industry to adopt state-of-art-technologies to be competitive internationally. While admitting the shortage of forest based raw materials in the country, Dr Raman Singh asked the industry to make use of the liberal import policies announced for import of timber, logs, pulp and waste paper. The world over increasing quantities of recycled fibres are being used and it is high time Indian industry also use these raw materials in larger volume. 

Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Power,
Govt. of India going around the exhibition

Mr S. Jagadeesan, Chairman of the Steering Committee of Paperex  & Jt Secretary in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Govt of India, in his address, outlined the objectives of Paperex and mentioned that Paperex, over a period of time has emerged as Asia’s major international fair and there has been increasing participation from various pulp and paper industry and other allied industries from all over the world. He said that Paperex is a platform which can be used by the sellers of technologies as well as buyers of technologies to meet together and discuss the possibilities of technology transfers and upgradation of the technology adopted by the paper mills in India. The business generated over a period of time has been phenomenal and has been increasing in every exhibition which exhibits the interest of the exhibitors and the level of visitors to the exhibition. Further, he said the conference has been able to attract world renowned talents in various facets of paper making to India to share their views and experience with their counterparts in the Indian sub-continent. He also outlined the various policies made by the Govt for the promotion and development of the paper industry. He asked the industry to be cost conscious and reduce the cost of production by adopting conservation methods of the major inputs to be competitive internationally, particularly in the WTO regime.

Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Power, Govt. of India
releasing the Inpaper Directory,
seen in the photo L- R Mr. Hari Shankar Singhania, Dr. Raman Singh

In his key note address, Mr Hari Shankar Singhania, the doyen of the Indian Paper Industry and a former President of International Chambers of Commerce & Industry touched upon the major problems faced by the Indian industry, particularly, the forest fibre shortages, which account for major disadvantages to Indian industry vis-a-vis others outside.   Mr Hari Shankar Singhania  mentioned that the Indian paper industry has been asking for availability of fibre at international rates and the demand of the industry for the last 20 years for allotment of degraded forest land has not been met by the Govt. The economy is moving fast on all fronts and it is a matter of  great concern for the Indian industry as to how they can compete with others when it lacks the state-of-art-technology, raw materials and above all infrastructure which are absolutely necessary for smooth sailing of the industry. He, however, cautioned the Indian industry that the it must adopt itself to the emerging technologies and must adapt energy and water conservation at all levels which will not only reduce the cost of production but also help in conserving natural resources. Wastages at all levels must be avoided, he added. He asked the industry to compare itself with international players and see how they have been able to reduce their cost of production and improve quality and see how Indian industry can emluate their experiences.

Mr N. Gopalaratnam, Chairman of the Technical Conference Committee of Paperex, in his address mentioned about the various problems, the paper industry is facing and also the disadvantages Indian industry is facing in competing with international players. Mr Gopalaratnam mentioned about the handicaps and particularly non-availability of raw materials and lack of infrastructure facilities which hinder the growth of domestic paper industry. He also mentioned about the problems of sizes and raw materials mix of Indian paper industry and suggested that there is a need for enhancing the capacities and capabilities of Indian paper industry to meet the emerging challenges posed by WTO.

Another view of Stalls

Earlier in his welcome address Mr Parmod Jain, President of Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Association and Vice Chairman of the Steering Committee mentioned about the objectives of Paperex and briefly touched upon the structure of Indian paper industry. “Sustainability and Competitiveness of the paper industry in the new Millennium” he said, has been selected as the theme of the conference as many Asian countries lag behind in technology and the developments as compared to other developed nations. Paperex, has been organised to achieve the objective of improving the technology of papermaking in Asian countries.

Mr Raji Philip, Chairman of the HPC & President of Indian Newsprint Manufacturers Association, proposed hearty vote of thanks to the dignitories and other participants.





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