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A Mega Show


World Renowned Experts: Share Experiences

Mr. Vijay Goel, Union Minister of State in Prime Minister's Office lighting the lamp at the inauguration of Paperex Conference, seen in the photo L - R Mr. Jaideep Chitlangia, Vice President, IARPMA, Mr. Harsh Pati Singhania, Joint M.D. J.K. Corp., Mr. S. Jagadeesan, Jt. Sec. Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Mr. N. Gopalaratnam, CMD, Seshasayee Paper

A three day International Conference of Paperex was held in Le Meridien Hotel with the theme “Sustainability and Competitiveness of the Paper Industry in the New Millennium” to concide with the exhibition.

While inaugurating the conference Mr Vijay Goel, Union Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, complimented the organisors of Paperex for holding international exhibition and conference and mentioned that the Indian paper industry must rise to the occasion and contribute substantially to the industrial production. International conferences shall provide a forum for exchange of information and sharing of knowledge and developments made all over the world in the field of pulp and paper industry among the technical people. There is a need for the Indian industry to adopt state-of-art-technology. The Govt is alive to the problems faced by the industry particularly, the basic like needs of infrastructural facilities for faster growth and therefore, the Govt is providing top priority for allocation of requisite fund in the budget for developing infrastructural facilities.

Mr Goel while acknowledging his association with the paper industry touched upon the need for quality improvement as well as cost reduction to reduce the production costs, particularly to be competitive under the WTO regime. He complimented the organisors for selecting the theme of the conference as “Sustainability and Competitiveness of the Paper Industry in the New Millennium” which is the need of the hour. He mentioned that he was willing to assist the paper industry in the pursuit for technology upgradation and he sought suggestions from the industry for the consideration of the Govt.

Inaugural Function of Conference seen on the dias L to R Mr. Jaideep Chitlangia, Vice President, IARPMA, Mr. Harsh Pati Singhania, Joint M.D., J K Corp., Mr. Vijay Goel, Union Minister of State in Prime Minister's Office, Mr. N. Gopalaratnam, CMD, Seshasayee Paper & Mr. S. Jagadeesan, Jt. Sec. Ministry of Industry & Commerce

He admitted that there was a shortage of wood fibre in India, but urged the industry to utilise alternative resources. He also asked the industry to undertake farm forestry to meet the raw material needs of the paper industry. Under the WTO regime, the industry has to be quality conscious and cost effective. India has rich resources of skilled manpower and hoped that the industry would utilise this unique resource to its best advantage.

Mr Harsh Pati Singhania, Chairman of the Development Council for Pulp & Paper Industry, Govt of India and Managing Director of J K Corp gave in detail the status of the Indian paper industry as well as the growth possibilities of the paper industry. He emphasised upon the need for making available inputs at international rates to make the Indian industry competitive internationally. He said the Indian industry was capable of competing outside India but it must be given the raw materials and other inputs at the rates which are available to the international players. He particularly referred to the problems of forest raw materials and said that plantations should be allowed to the paper mills in the degraded forest lands. The Govt should ensure that these degraded forest lands are allotted to the  wood consuming industry. He felt that such a decision not only resulted in meeting the raw material needs of the paper industry on one hand &  it would help in maintaining the green cover on the other. He suggested that a fund may be created for modernisation fund of the paper industry on the lines of the funds available for other industries for modernisation and technology upgradation.


Session in Progress   View of the participants inside the conference hall

Mr S Jagadeesan, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Industry and Chairman of the Steering Committee of Paperex, in his address, outlined the various policy parameters adopted by the government the  promotion and growth of paper mills in the country. He referred to the problems of various segments of the paper industry as well as solutions suggested by the industry. He said that the Govt was seriously considering the issue of improving the competitiveness of the Indian paper industry under WTO and if need be a study would be commissioned to suggest policy measures required in this direction. He assured that the Govt is alive to the problems faced by the paper industry and would provide necessary help for the growth of the industry.

Earlier, in his welcome address, Mr N. Gopalaratnam, Chairman of the Technical Conference Committee welcomed the dignitaries and said that a galaxy of world renowned experts would be presenting papers in the three day conference. The topics of the presentations covered from raw materials to paper making and effluent treatment. A number of speakers would be sharing their experience on certain technologies working outside India and how best they could be utilised for the benefit of the South Asian countries. He suggested that the participants must come forward and interact with the experts freely for gaining an insight into the technology and how best such technologies could be adopted in Indian context.

Mr Jaideep Chitlangia, Vice President of IARPMA in his vote of thanks,  assured about the commitment of the industry to meet the challanges posed by the liberalisation. He thanked the Minister for his support for the cause of the industry.

One of the Speaker Ms. Angeles Blanco

Mr Chitlangia also thanked the sponsoring organisations of paper industry associations, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, TAPPI, IPST, Ministry of Environment  & Forests, Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute, Indian Pulp & Paper Technical Association. He also thank Mr. Gopalaratnam and Dr A Panda, Chairman and Co-Chairman of the Technical Conference Committee for inviting world renowned speakers for the benefit of the paper mills in this part of the world.

There were IX Sessions and Poster Session during the conference. Sessions were chaired by high ranking Govt of India officials or industry captains or technocrates . There were 40 papers of which only 14 papers were from India and others were presented by technocrates from Germany, Canada, USA, Spain, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden etc. Mr Dennies A Neilson of DANA presented paper on Global Plantations Trends, China’s Fibre Balance by Dr Colin McKenzie, Pulp Washer for improved washing efficiency by Mr Max Grengg, Emerging Biotechnology for Pulp Delignification and its impact on traditional bleaching process by Dr Bindu Dhasmana, Comparative Evaluation of Two Xylanase Enzymes on agro based pulps by Dr P Ghosh, Energy from Urban and Industrial Wastes - Policy and Perspective by Mr A K Dhussa, Waste to Energy Generation Potentials of agro based mini paper mills by Dr H Veeramani, De-inking for Newsprint by Mr Rolland McKinney, Availability & Procurement of Recycled Fiber by Mr Vijay Gupta, Improvement of Paper Quality with the installation of Duoformer D by Mr Uwe Risle, Kidney Technology opens up new opportunities of Integrated white water treatment in recycling mills by Dr Ing Dieter Pauly, Is an internet newspaper more environmental friendly than a printed daily newspaper or a TV broadcast  by Ms Inge Reichart, Next Generation Technology for improving the papermaking efficiency by Dr Balan Pillai, Steam Shower use on paper machines by Mr Bob Vyse etc. l




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