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April-June'2001 - Vol. 5 Issue 3



Voith Paper: Introducing Fibron 3000™
Third Millennium Threading


Voith Paper is pleased to announce the introduction of Fibron 3000™ the most advanced, compact VTT system ever developed. The patent pending Fibron 3000™ conveyor incorporates a revolutionary, high power, internal drive with a fully integrated control system and the optimal vacuum source for each application. (see Figure 1)

Due to its new compact design and its total package options, Fibron 3000™ minimizes mill integration requirements and simplifies installation and  commissioning requirements. With a Fibron 3000TM system the mill has only simple power, air and control requirements.


The Fibron 3000™ integrated control system provides the mill with a full range of input / output options including RS486 and RS232, MODBUS PLUS, PROFIBUS DP, INTERBUS S and CT NET. Most significantly, Fibron 3000™ provides complete threading system automation and control, including performance logging and remote troubleshooting capabilities.

Fibron 3000™ has been optimized for the slowest machine speeds to the highest machine speeds in operation today. Under additional testing it has been proven at speeds in excess of 3000 MPM. It is suitable for all paper and board grades, and all locations on the machine from the press to the reel.

Fibron's 30 years of experience and 4800 VTT installations worldwide have demonstrated that the best VTT solutions are not provided by a "one size fits all" approach. As machine speeds increase and threading application requirements become more complex, Fibron responded with the development of 3 new VTT (VacuumTail Transfer) conveyor technologies:


  • VTT2™ - vacuum is generated by an external fan

  • VTT Venturi™ - vacuum is generated by compressed air and the "venturi effect" 

  • TT Turbo™ - vacuum is generated by compressed air through an internal turbine

As part of the Fibron 3000TM package, Fibron is able to provide the optimal vacuum technology for each application, by selecting from these 3 proven vacuum systems. Each of these technologies generates stable and consistent vacuum levels along the full length of the conveyor, handles tail widths from 50-200mm and provides proven, reliable threading for all grades of paper and paperboard products.

Fibron employs each of the conveyor technologies as required - both in combination with each other and in combination with other threading technologies such as ropes - to design the most reliable, cost effective threading solution.

Fibron, a division of Voith Paper, is located in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, and specializes in the custom design and manufacture of threading systems for pulp, paper and paperboard machines.



Voith Paper to Supply Stock Preparation Equipment for Doubling Production at Felix Schoeller's Weissen-born Mill

A large-scale rebuild by Voith Paper is planned for PM 4 at the Felix Schoeller jr. mill, in Weissenborn, Germany. The rebuild will increase the yearly production from 60,000 to 120,000 tons of photo-base paper. Included in the project is the expansion of the stock preparation and approach flow system.

For the stock preparation expansion, Voith Paper, as the system supplier, is responsible for ensuring that the paper furnish will meet the mill requirements in terms of quantity and its highly specialized quality.

Voith Paper Fiber Systems, Ravensburg, Germany, will supply a complete B+G pulp feeding system for four different pulp grades, including a unit dewiring and destacking system, bale turner and single bale buffer. In addition, Voith Paper will provide a continuously operating pulper, as well as high-density cleaning and TwinFlo double- disc refining.

In the approach flow system, MultiScreen screening technology with C-bar® screen baskets will be installed. The approach flow module is a highly sensitive process for photo-base papers, particularly with regard to the high demands made on the quality and uniformity of the final product.

Voith Paper Fiber Systems is also responsible for the process control and instrumentation engineering, as well as erection and start-up.

By selecting Voith Paper with its many years of experience, the customer has secured a competent partner for this project. This choice also reduces the number of interfaces to a minimum.

According to Felix Schoeller, PM 4 will be the world's fastest paper machine for photo base papers after the rebuild.

Voith is becoming the preferred process supplier for the worldwide paper industry. Voith provides comprehensive knowledge from fiber technology to converting and printing technology and develops solutions that cover the entire production process from fiber to paper. The products, systems and services offered are seamlessly integrated by Voith Paper, Voith Fabrics and Voith`s strategic partners and assist the paper industry in their needs to optimize their production process and improve paper quality.




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