A Publication on World Pulp, Paper & Allied Industry

April-June'2001 - Vol. 5 Issue 3





- Indian Paper Industry and its Challenges
Captains of Indian Paper Industry Speak Out

  Global Buyers - Challenge for the Packaging Industry

  Globalisation of packaging suppliers

  Global buyer market opportunity
  Attractiveness of global partnerships
  Physical Strength Properties of Standard test sheets made from bagasse and their Blends with Bamboo pulp

  Metso Paper introduces ZeTrac? - the innovative way of bleaching
  Improved screening of chemical bagasse pulp at TNPL
  Paper Formation Analyser
  Metso Paper (Valmet) to launch new paper and board coating technology
  OptiSpray benefits paper and board manufacturers
  A step forward in paper manufacturing

- Voith Paper: Introducing Fibron 3000™- Third Millennium Threading
Voith Paper to Supply Stock Preparation Equipment for Doubling Production at Felix   
  Schoeller's Weissen-born Mill

  FMW Presenting the world’s fastest waste-paper bale dewiring system EXTRACTOR 1800/2400, FMW sets new standards in wastepaper processing

Maxson Engineered Reject Gate System permits discharge away product piles 


Deckle Manager developed by WOW Solutions


BILT forges for million tonne capacity after acquiring Sinar Mas

  PAPERWEEK INTERNATIONAL 2001 –  A Timeless Medium

State of the Industry Open Forum

The Paper Recycling Association Open Forum

Forest Management Certification Open Forum

Technical Sessions

News from Research Institutions

Agenda Set for Single Species Pulps Seminar

FIPAGO Congress 2001

FOREST PRESENCE: Environmental Works by Marjorie Alexander

  Major revision of CEPI's forest certification matrix

The Confederation of European Paper Industries

Metso Paper to supply Chemical Pulping Techno-logy for Assidoman in Sweden

Voith Paper: Rebuild Goals of PM 3 at Produtora de Pasta e Papel, Portugal, Implemented Within Two Months  

New Voith Paper Service, in Indonesia, in Operation

Voith Paper: Opti-mization Measures Successfully Concluded on PM 7 at Haindl Papier, Schongau  

Sun Paper installing new stock prep sustem from Thermo Black Clawson  

  Thermo Black Clawson Promotes Art Jepsen to Business Development Manager - Fiberline Screen

Thermo Black Clawson Promotes Art Jepsen to Business Development Manager - Fiberline Screen
Raji Philip takes over as HPC Chairman



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