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April-June'2001 - Vol. 5 Issue 3



Waste paper facilities must improve
Mr. R.C. Rastogi, President, All India Small Paper Mills Association

Q What do you think about Paper Industry in general?

Ans. Paper is in over supply, which was taken care by export but now has stopped. It is not competitive. It will do good only when international price is good.

Niche market will make money. Only efficient mills will be viable, while inefficient will close down. Electronic media is expected to help in the growth of paper production because of making hard copies.
Q What do you think about the use of waste paper ?

Ans. Proper waste paper treatment is a must to improve quality. It should be treated as per use. Collection methods for waste paper should also be improved, which is most important. 

Pre-consumer waste paper from printing presses, which is 15-20%, should be organized. With regard to imported waste paper, the best quality is used by the developed countries themselves. India gets only such waste paper which is difficult to treat.

Total 16 lakh tonnes/annum waste paper is used in India. out of which 8-9 lakh tonnes of waste paper is collected and rest of quantity is imported. Out of total quantity of waste paper, 20% is used good quality of board (60% imported and 40% indigenous), 20% in second grade newsprint, 40% in kraft paper and 20% in writing and printing paper (10% units make niche product and 90% make B-grade paper)


Q What should be size of paper plant based on waste paper?


Ans. Minimum size of paper plant should be 100 tonnes/day because of high cost of treatment.
In last 5 years, Rama and Nepa are producing newsprint from waste paper. ITC Bhadrachalam, WPCM and Servall are producing duplex boards. All of these are large mills.

Q What do you think about Government policies ?
Ans. Government policies are not favourable to paper industry. Policies are not growth oriented. There should be no import duty on waste paper. It should be mandatory to use recycled waste paper in certain percentage for Government consumption, excise books etc.

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