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April-June'2001 - Vol. 5 Issue 3



APPM investing in modernisation
Mr. L.N. Bangur, Chairman, The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Ltd.

Q What do you think about the growth of Indian Industry ?

Ans. Raw material sourcing has to improve for the growth of Indian paper industry. As is done in foreign countries, the Government of India has to play role in permitting the industrial plantation. On the bagasse front those who do not own sugar mills, procurement of bagasse is unreliable as it is more profitable for them to generate captive power.

To remain competitive, Indian paper Industry has to increase its capacity in a big way, but it is again linked with raw material availability. Some thinking is needed by the industry on this aspect.Technology is available and there is no problem on this front.

Q What do you think on the merger of small paper mills with large mills ?

Ans. It should be based on merit.; If more pulp is available with the acquiring company, then the acquisition of small mill can be considered, otherwise it is not always rewarding.

Acquisition of Coastal Paper Ltd, was on the basis of waste paper utilization with an idea that if extra pulp is needed for quality consideration and production increase, it can be supplied by APPM PM-1 and PM-II as Coastal is having agro based pulp. PM-III is a good machine to produce both cultural paper and newsprint by using waste paper.

Present production of 150 t/d in Coastal is being expanded to 180 t/d by using deinked pulp.The other advantage of the Coastal is that sufficient space is available for future expansion.


Q What are your plans for APPM ?


Ans. APPM is going for about Rs. 70 crores investment for modernization. A new chemi-washing plant of Thermo Black Clawson make of 320 t/d pulp capacity has been commissioned along with screening and cleaning. Retrofitting of evaporator plant with 7-effects to give steam economy of more than 6 has been done. Valmet's reel wrapping machine has also been planned.

APPM is planning to go for gas-based turbine for generation of power, which will be more economical.


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