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April-June'2001 - Vol. 5 Issue 3



 Indian industry has to get to economic size - Mr. Gautam Thapar, 
Vice Chairman & M.D, Ballarpur Industries Ltd.

Q What are you views on the current scenario of Indian Paper Industry and what steps do you suggest for paper industry to become globally competive ?
Ans. Current structure of paper industry is not conducive to high growth. It has to get to size of economic growth. There is fragmentation in market. Industrialists are like traders. Protection is demanded. It can not grow with all these. Volume and size area are important Removal of excise duty difference was a good step. If proper actions is taken on above points, Paper industry will grow.
Q What do you think on the merger of small mills with large mills? Will it help in consolidation of brand image and improving market share ?

Ans. No, it is not going to be successful, While acquiring, one has to look for asset quality., up- gradation possibility and environment.
BILT has acquired Sewa to double its capacity. Titagarh for having bigger plans and Servall on waste paper base in place of Asti for having more packaging varieties.


Q What are the future plans of BILT with respect to market share, technology upgradation and capital investment ?


Ans. BILT has plans to invest Rs 500 crores. Servall to be expanded to 1,00,000 t/a by next year. Andhra Pradesh Rayons to 1,50,000 t/a, Ballarpur to 1,70,000 t/a Yamunanagar to 80,000 t/a and Seva to 80,000 t/a. Titagharh has got much bigger plan later on. BILT's immediate plan is to go for 90,000 t/a coated variety by using blade coating technology. BILTís has plan to produce all grades of paper board to meet the demand of customer.
As regards overseas projects, BILT would like to have 100% control, else not interested.

Q In addition to Executive Bond, what more brand names you want to achieve ?
Ans. Copy Power has been very successful. Similarly Image Copier is also doing well .BILT is going to offer other varieties also.

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