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Wadding: Single or multi-ply, loosely matted fiber sheet made from chemical pulp. Used in packaging, thermal and acoustical applications and as a cushioning medium.
Wastepaper: All types of used paper that provide a source of fiber for the manufacture of some papers, paperboards and chipboards.
Web: Continuous sheet of paper produced and rolled up at full width used in web or rotary printing.
Web Break: A tear in a web roll during the printing process.
Web Press: A printing press that prints on rolls of paper passed through the press in one continuous piece, as opposed to sheets of paper.
Web Tension: The term given to the tension or pull exerted by the web press on the web roll.
Wet End: Section of the head end of a paper machine. At the wet end, stock is fed in and much of water is eliminated by drainage, suction and press rollers, leaving a web of paper which then passes through the drying cylinders.
Wet Machine: Paper machine consisting of a wire-covered cylinder rotating in a vat of pulpstock on which a mat of varying thickness is formed by drainage. These mats are removed either intermittently in thick sheets called laps or continuously.
Wet-strength Paper: Paper where the fiber constitutes and/or the sheets are chemically treated to enhance their resistance to tearing, rupturing or disintegration after becoming saturated with liquids.
Wet Strength:  

Resistance of a paper sheet to pull or stress produced by applied tension after it has become saturated with liquids.

Wet Tensile Strength: Resistance of a paper sheet to pull or stress produced by applied tension after is has become saturated with liquids.
Whiteness:   Paper is perceived to be white due to high clarity, elevated diffusion and minimum perception of hues. It is related to the color of the sheet and actually is the equal presence of all colors.
White Paper: Any paper made from a pulpstock whose natural color has been corrected by the addition of blue, yellow and red dyestuff. To a printer, this term refers to any paper that is devoid of any printing material.
Wire Side: The side of a sheet next to the wire in manufacturing; opposite from the felt or top side; usually not as smooth as the felt or top side.
Wire Marks: Small impressions produced on the bottom surface of a sheet of paper caused by the mesh of the wire screen on which the wet web is formed in the wet end of a paper machine.
Wood Free: Paper made only from chemical pulp and free from wood-based impurities, such as lignin, which are present in mechanical pulp. Also known as freesheet.
Writing Paper: Another name for bond paper.



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