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Rag Content: The amount of rag fibers in a sheet, varying from 25% to 100%, including bond, ledger and specialty papers.
Ream: Stack or package of paper containing a number of sheets - usually 480, 500 or 1,000.
Recovery System: System in a pulp mill where black liquor is burned and inorganic chemicals are recovered and circulated in the process.
Recycled:   The percentage of paper of which the fibrous composition contains recovered or recycled cellulose fibers (RCF).
Refiner Mechanical Pulp: Pulp made by processing untreated woodchips in mechanical atmospheric refiners.
Refining: The process of increasing the surface area of cellulose fibers to multiply the number of contact points between them to facilitate their intertwining. Imparts such characteristics as increased capacity to absorb water and improved sheet formation.
Register Paper: Type of paper made specifically for easy removal from sticky surfaces.
Relative Humidity: The amount of water vapor present in the air as compared to the maximum potential amount.
Release Paper: Writing-grade paper made from chemical pulp that possesses good tensile and tearing strength. It comes in rolls for automatic register machines and in flat, folded, snap-apart packages for computer printouts and other copying purposes.
Resin: The vegetable excretion or exudation that results in an amorphous, lustrous-appearing, solid organic substance that is soluble in organic solvents.
Retention: The amount of a loading or additive added to the stock that is retained in the final sheet of paper.
Rosin: Material made up of a suspension and used for internal sizing of paper and paperboard.
Rubbed (paper or cardboard): Paper or cardboard of which a face has been given a homogenous and shiny aspect by drying it on contact with a heated polished metal roller (part of the drying process of the paper machine). The other face of the paper or cardboard remains relatively rough.
Rubine: A pigment somewhat redder than true magenta.
Runnability: Paper properties that affect the ability of the paper to run on the printing press.
Running Head: A title at the top of a page that appears on all pages of a book or chapter of a book.



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