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Machine Coated: Applying coating to paper on the paper machine on which the paper is made. This is an integral part of the papermaking operation.
Machine Direction: The direction from the wet end to the dry end of a paper machine or to a paper sheet parallel to its forward movement on a paper machine. Also referred to as grain direction or long direction.
Machine Finished: Paper that is calendered on the papermaking machines but is not supercalendered to give a very smooth finish or gloss.
Machine Glazed (MG): Paper with a high-gloss surface finish produced on the wire side of a sheet by passing it over a roll as used on yankee-type paper machine dryers.
Manifold Paper: Very thin, regular bond paper with glazed or unglazed finish used to make carbon copies of letters.
Manilas: Papers and board used for making tags, high-strength cartons, correspondence folders and many other articles where strength is at a premium.
Matte: A physical characteristic of paper with low gloss or luster.
Mechanical Pulp: Groundwood pulp produced by mechanically grinding logs or wood chips. It is used mainly for newsprint and as an ingredient of base stock for lower-grade printing papers.
Moisture:   The percentage of moisture in pulp, paper, etc. that varies according to atmospheric conditions. Moisture content of paper is normally measured by drying the paper to constant weight at 100 degrees C. Paper will normally have about 5% moisture when dry, but that value can range from 3% to 7%, depending on the type of paper and the materials used in its manufacture.
Moisture Content: The amount of moisture in paper, pulp, pulpboard, chips, etc., that varies according to atmospheric conditions.
Moistureproof: Ability of paper and paperboard to resist the penetration of water vapor.
Moisture Vapor Transmission: A sheet of paper's rate of water vapor penetration.
Mullen:   Resistance of paper to rupture when pressure is applied to a side by a specified instrument.
Mullen Tester: A machine for testing the bursting strength of paper.
Multi-ply: A paper or paperboard sheet made up of two or more layers.



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