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Lacquer: A clear-gloss coating applied to printed material for gloss, grease resistance, heat sealing and improved appearance.
Laminate: Multi-ply paper and paperboard consisting of firmly united layers that may be bonded with resin or adhesive.
Ledger Paper: Strong, fully-sized paper made from bleached chemical woodpulp used to make accounting and record books.
Letterpress Printing: Printing process in which ink is applied to paper, paperboard or film from raised portions of printing plates or type.
Lignin: Brown organic substance found in wood and other cellulose plants that acts as an interfiber bond in woody materials.
Linen Finish: A paper surface design made by embossing the paper with a linen cloth pattern.
Linerboard: Kraft paperboard, generally unbleached, used as facing materials in the manufacture of paperboard containers and as the outer layers of plaster building boards.
Long Fiber Pulp (LF): General term given to pulps produced from soft woods such as pine. The fiber length of the pulp is long compared to that of hardwood



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