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Hard-Sized Paper: Paper treated with considerable size to resist water and ink penetration.
Hardwood Pulp: Pulpwood obtained from broad-leaved dicotyledonous, deciduous trees that contains good printing quality and imparts high bulk, compressibility and good opacity to the paper.
Hemicellulose: Alkali-soluble, non-cellulosic polysaccharide portion of a wood cell wall.
High-Performance Containerboard (HPC): A linerboard and corrugating medium that meets new edge crush test specifications. HPC grades typically have high compression strength values with reduced basis weights compared with grades made to meet burst strength and basis weight specifications under old tests.
Holdout: The ability of paper or board to resist surface liquid penetration.
Hotmelts: Materials applied to paper or paperboard to produce fluid-resistant surface with high gloss.
Humidity: Moisture vapor in the air, which affects paper printability



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