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Glassine: A wood-free paper. Transparent, glazed and polished on both sides. Used as envelope windows and in protective packaging for foods, candy, tobacco products, chemicals and metallic items.
Gloss: A property of paper surface to produce a shiny, highly reflective appearance when light is reflected. Occurs when specular reflection exceeds the diffuse reflection from various viewing angles. Gloss is basically the measure of the reflectance of light from the surface of the Web.
Grain: Directional alignment of fibers in a sheet of paper.
Grammage: This term denotes the weight of paper or board; the measurement used is the weight of a single sheet of one square meter, expressed as gram per square meter (g/mě).
Grams per square meter: The gram weight of one square meter of a particular type of paper. A good comparative measure because it does not vary with sheet size.
Gravure Printing: An intaglio or recessed printing process. The recessed areas are like wells that form the image as paper passes through.
Groundwood Paper: Paper that is made from a furnish containing a large percentage of groundwood pulp.
Groundwood Pulp: Slurry produced by mechanically abrading fibers from barked logs through forced contact with the surface of a revolving grindstone. This is used to make newsprint and other publication papers.
Gummed Paper: All papers that include an adhesive on one side of the sheet. Could be a remoistening, thermo-adhesive or pressure sensitive.
Gypsum: A filler for paper with good retention for color and brightness. Unlike other fillers, it does not reduce the efficiency of internal sizing.



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