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Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF): Pulp that is bleached without chlorine gas.
Edge Crush Test: Used to evaluate the compressive strength of containerboard used in the manufacture of corrugated shipping boxes.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Business information that is communicated electronically, eliminating the need for paper business forms.
Electrostatic Copy Paper: Smooth-finished, stable, medium-weight bond paper made from chemical pulps. This paper is generally treated with a zinc-oxide coating material and used on dry-type office copying machines.
Elmendorf Test: Also known as tear test. This test is commonly used in paper mills to determine the tear-resistant property of paper.
Elongation: The property of a paper sheet that allows it to experience a certain degree of stretching.
Embossed: The overall design or pattern impressed in paper when passed between metal rolls engraved with the desired pattern. Produced on a special embossing machine after the paper has dried to create finishes such as linen.
Enamel: A general term for clay coating on papers.
English Finish: A grade of book paper with a smoother, more uniform surface than machine finish.
Engraving: A printing process whereby images such as copy or art are etched onto a plate.



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