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De-inking: Process consisting of removing the ink and other undesirable materials from wastepaper by mechanical disintegration, chemical treatment, washing and bleaching before reusing as a source of papermaking fiber.
Delignification: The removal of lignin from wood.
Die Cut: The method of cutting paper into irregular shapes by metallic die to specified dimensions.
Digester: Pressure vessel for chemical treatment of chips and other fibrous materials like straw bagasse rags, etc., under elevated temperature and pressure to separate fibers and produce help.
Dimensional Stability: The ability of a sheet to keep original machine and cross-machine dimensions in time and under variable moisture and relative humidity conditions.
Diploma: A fine paper made specifically for the printing of diplomas, certificates and documents.
Dioxin: A carcinogenic contaminant generated when chlorine is used in bleaching woodpulp.
Dioxin Content:   The percentage of dioxin, which is an undesirable chlorinated contaminant generated when chlorine is used in bleaching woodpulp. It is considered to be highly carcinogenic, especially in its most potent form.
Dry End: The part of a paper machine where sheet moisture is removed by evaporation. Consists of several dryer sections or air dryers, depending on the machine's type and size.
Dryers: In a paper-mill, the portion of the paper machine where the wet web is dried on large, heated rollers. Can be infrared or hot-air assisted.
Duplex: 1. Texture that may be produced by a multi-ply machine, using two different stocks or by lining a board with two kinds of stock: it may also be obtained by pasting (laminating) together two papers or boards of different texture.

2. General term that refers to multi-ply paper and paperboard and bags made of two sheets of paper.



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