's Paper Advisor is an Discussion Forum where the Paper Technology experts will provide their views and comments on some of the selected topics of the Paper Industry. The topics included in the forum would be chosen from different areas of functioning like chemical technologies, paper converting, paper making, newsprint, paperboard, recycled paper& upcoming technologies in the paper industry. 

On a broader scale's Paper Advisor consists of  two main sections:-




1. In the discussion forum section, every month certain topics will be selected by our panel of experts. These topics would be under discussion in our forum. Now all you have to do is to choose any topic which relates to your industry or choice, and participate actively in the discussion.








If you have a question that you think needs an expert's advise then this is the section for you. Here you can ask our experts directly instead of making it public in the discussion forum. It will give you a privacy of about your information. The ideas and vies presented by you will only be dealt by our panel of experts and without your permission it won't be discussed about in general.

You will receive esteemed support from us and our panel will sit over your topic and try to respond to you in the best possible way any provide you with solutions and advice.