Column 1     Exim Code

The ITC-HS cover 21 Sections, 99 Chapters (2digit levels), 1089 headings (four digit level). These are further split into sub-sub-headings (eight digit level). These entries total to near 10,650. There are about 1545 entries at ten digit level.

The Import Policy and Customs Tariff is assigned at the eight digit level, the operative part of the ITC-HS. Six digit sub-headings which is not split further is converted to eight digit by adding two zeroes at the end. In the case of textiles (Chapter 50 to 63), the ITC-HS sub-sub-headings have not been used.

Where the product description in the Exim Policy does not cover the eight digit code description, the entry is broken into sub-groups to the ten digit level. In this column, bold entries shows (HS-Code).

Column 2     Item Description

This column contains the ITC-HS description against the respective code. The description against the ten digit code is developed from the existing Policy and Procedures on the pattern in the Harmonised System. The ten digit code is also used when the item has multiple uses as consumer and industrial goods.

Column 3     Basic Duty of Customs (BASIC)

The column contains Basic Duty of Customs. The duty is also known  as the Schedule Rate and it can changed by an Act of Parliament. The duty can also be changed by the exemption notification of the Department of Revenue. All basic duties are given as per Finance Act, 1999.

Column 4     Preferential Rate of Duty (PRE.)

The column contains Preferential Rate of Duty . In some cases, the preferential rate is applicable on import from Preferential Areas. The Countries List of Preferential Area is given in a separate Chapter i.e. General Exemption Country.

Column 5     Surcharge of Customs (SCH)

Surcharge of Customs is Nil by Ntfn 26/2001-Cus. dated 01.03.2001.

Column 6     Countervailing Duty (CVD.)

The column contains Countervailing Duty which is leviable under Section 3 of Customs Tariff Act, 1975. The duty is known as Additional Duty also and it is equivalent to the Excise duty on similar items produced  or manufactured in India. This duty can be effective by the notification issued under Section 25(1), of the Customs Act, 1962. This duty is payable on the value of goods as well as on Basic Duty of Customs and the Special Duty of Customs.

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